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~Book Review~ “The Redcoats are Coming” my Marianne Hering and Nancy I. Sanders


“The Redcoats are Coming!” is about 2 kids that Whit sends on an adventure to the 1700s through the imagination station. They are to learn about history and deliver a letter that Mr. Whittaker has to Paul Revere. There are bumps along the way to get their mission done and Patrick and Beth are excited about what they are getting to experience! It is a history lesson on a whole different level!

Let’s just say that I LOVE Adventures in Odyssey! I grew up listening to it on Saturday mornings on the radio and I have the cassette tapes! I still love to listen to Chris as she takes us on another Adventure in Odyssey! When I seen this book, it looked good but I didn’t know it was Adventures in Odyssey until it came to my house! That being said, the kid came out in me and I couldn’t wait to read this book! I wasn’t let down! Although it is just a little under my reading level (well about 15 reading levels), but I loved it anyhow. The characters were well developed and there was lots of action. I love the way the history was incorporated into the book so kids can read something educational and fun at the same time! I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

I received this book courtesy of the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest review!


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