Amazon Student! Sign up!

Update: It looks like you can’t get the instant video until you upgrade to the $39/year. 😦 On the bright side you can still get the free 2-day shipping for 6 months! 🙂


If you are a college student, go sign up through my link for Amazon Student! Just make sure you have a VALID college email address that ends with .edu and also that you have access to this email! This entitles you to six months of Amazon Prime for FREE!! This is an awesome thing! I have been apart of this program throughout my college years and it helps with shipping your textbooks because you get free 2-day shipping!

Amazon Prime includes:

Unlimited watching of the Prime Instant Video (app for iPhone, iPod, iPad, android and gaming consoles!) There are a lot of awesome shows that are not on Netflix or Hulu which includes my favorite right now, Under the Dome (amazing show which is based off of a Steven King novel).

Free 2-day shipping

You can borrow 1 book a month from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

Also, after the six months you get to have Amazon Prime for $39/year for up to 4 years! This is half of what it normally costs and if you are like me the instant videos is worth it since Netflix is $8.50 a month. This only comes out to about $3.50 and you will save on shipping too! I love me some Amazon!

Again, go here to sign up!

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